Ways to Develop the System of Services in Farms

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Yashnarjon E. Aliev, Mansur M. Urazov


Today, the competitive environment in the world agricultural market is becoming stronger and stronger. This is especially the case in markets such as dairy and meat products, fruit and vegetable products, wet and dried fruits, canned and processed agricultural products. The size, quality, level of development of sales markets and other factors of agricultural products grown in such a situation have their impact. This requires the provision of the population with food products and industry with raw materials through the development of an efficient land management system in agriculture. The level of development of farms, their role and importance in the agricultural economy is determined by the current state of the socio-industrial sphere of the village. Farms of the population play a role in ensuring stability in rural areas. In rural areas, low wages and real incomes are the basis for intensifying the development of farms. Motives for setting up and running farms on private land include earning additional income and providing the family with agricultural products, and as a result of their labor activities, these farms are formed and tend to develop as the main source of production. The article scientifically describes the role and importance of raising the living standards of farmers through the sustainable development of their farms, the formation of the market of agricultural products, its peculiarities, ways of state support in increasing real incomes. In particular, attention is paid to the ways of innovative development of the system of services to the population, the widespread application of scientific achievements, increasing the export potential of the industry.

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