Physical and Sensory Characterization of Cocoa (Theobroma Cacaol) from Northin Peru

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Vctor Rojas Lujan, Jos Sosa Snchez, Abimel Lpez Garca, Vctor Manuel Reyes, Carlos Deza Navarrete, Frank Daz Valiente, Yoni Valiente Saldaa, Danny Villegas Rivas


The purpose of this research was to characterize and establish the relationships between physical and sensory attributes of cocoa fruits (Theobroma cacao) identified within Arprocat Tumbes collection (CAT) – Centro Poblado Villa Uña de Gato, Tumbes district – Peru. Research was experimental with a design in divided plots with two factors at three levels, distributed in random blocks. Data analysis included descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation. Results showed cocoa liqueur was astringent and acidic, with intermediate values of nuts, bitterness, sweetness, cocoa, walnut, herbal and floral. Combinations of factor levels suggest being a factor influencing less frequent sensory notes (fresh fruits, wood, and species). However, treatments performed as determinants of sensory quality cannot yet be considered.

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Danny Villegas Rivas, V. R. L. J. S. S. A. L. G. V. M. R. C. D. N. F. D. V. Y. V. S. . (2021). Physical and Sensory Characterization of Cocoa (Theobroma Cacaol) from Northin Peru. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 5807–5817. Retrieved from