Preserving EMR Records Using Blockchain

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Sreeraj R, Amardeep Singh, Dr. V. Anbarasu


In recent years, the technological advancements has been booming but in the medical field the structure being used to store patient data is still outdated. Patients carry hard copy medical report with them when going for an appointment. When people usually talk about blockchain, they usually think about financial, banking and crypto markets, but we can also use blockchain technology for decentralized healthcare data storage. Blockchain used in healthcare is called as heath blockchain.EMRs crave attention and work to match up with the technological advancements in ways that would make sharing of EMR between. In today’sworld EMRs can be stored and retrieved safely using Block Chain-based implementation which store data in blocks. These blocks are connected to each other using cryptography technology where each block is unique and it stored the data in a secure manner. Thus, securing the process of storing and retrieving EMRs.

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