Density Based Traffic Controller(By Using IoT)

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Mr. K. Jaya Prakash, B. Sreekanth, K. Charan Teja, R. Venkata Ravi


The job involves determining a splendid traffic signal plan based on thickness, in which the location of the traffic sign varies and the thickness of each blend can be detected. Gridlock is a big concern in many metropolises around the world, and the proposal to move from manual to stationary to robotic structures with complex cut-off results in an impairment in traffic time if only one heading is operating. The present traffic hailing mechanism is a stable setup that is unlikely to be effective. To stimulate this difficult situation, we have set up a smart traffic light plan. Compared to normal, a greater thickness on one side of the mix requires It was given a longer green period We, therefore, propose a design that determines the distance of traffic between green and red lights in the region. This is enhanced with the PIR (proximity Infrared sensors). The microcontroller displays the bright green light season only when space is adjusted (Arduino). Sensors detected on the roadside can identify vehicles and forward the data to the microcontroller, which determines whether the flank is open or whether the sign lights are modified. By obtaining isolates, we demonstrated the technique of this switch.

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Mr. K. Jaya Prakash, B. Sreekanth, K. Charan Teja, R. Venkata Ravi. (2021). Density Based Traffic Controller(By Using IoT). Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 5103–5108. Retrieved from