Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Western Part of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh

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Ravipati Venkata Ramana


Necessity and dependency of groundwater for various purposes are increasing day by day. Severe drought conditions prevailed sometimes in the past, insufficient availability of surface water, increasing demand of water for different uses such as irrigation etc., lead to depend on exploitation of groundwater. At the same time maintenance of groundwater quality also becomes necessary as it leads to ill- health of living beings in that area and decrease in agricultural production. So assessment of groundwater quality is carried out in Komali region of Krishna delta part of Andhra Pradesh state of India. The region contains subsurface formations of recent era. Water table in the study region available in unconfined to semi confined conditions. Groundwater samples are tested for different chemical parameters. Values of these analytical samples indicate that the values are not lying with in the standard limits for drinking water. The values of RSC and SAR methods indicate that the groundwater is not suitable for irrigation purpose. Thus some of the geochemical observations which govern its quality in this region are presented in this paper. Proper remedial measures are proposed for improvement of its quality to maintain the environmental balance in this area.

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