Attack Detection Using K-NN Algorithm

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T. P. G. V. S. Giridhar Naagar, P. Faisal Khan, N. Hemanth, A. Thamarai Selvi


Data mining is looking at colossal prior databases to create new data. Data mining is otherwise called information disclosure and it is a cycle of collecting of data from alternate points of view additionally summing up it into valuable data. Meaning of data can be utilized to build income, reduces expenses, or both. Data mining is an insightful device for examining data. The product permits clients to dissect data from a wide range of points, order it, and sum up the connections recognized. All things considered, data mining is the way toward looking through examples or connections among different fields in enormous social databases. In this paper, Cyber Crime the board is a fascinating application where it assumes a significant part in the treatment of wrongdoing data. Cyber Crime examination has an extremely critical part in the police framework in any country. There had been a tremendous expansion in wrongdoing lately. With the quick prevalence of the web, wrongdoing data kept up on the web is getting progressively wild. In this paper, data mining procedures are utilized to dissect web data. This paper presents a point-by-point concentrate on classification and clustering. Classification is the way toward ordering the wrongdoing type Clustering is the way toward consolidating data objects into gatherings. Our outcomes show the best precision 99.9% from the conventional models.

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T. P. G. V. S. Giridhar Naagar, P. Faisal Khan, N. Hemanth, A. Thamarai Selvi. (2021). Attack Detection Using K-NN Algorithm. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 4520–4525. Retrieved from