The Effect of Competitive Games on Trend towards Handball for Orphan Pupils of (10-12) Years Old

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Walaamozfre Hade Kreem, Prof Dr. Iqbal Abdul Hussein Neamah


The purpose of this paper is toPreparing competitive games and recognizing their impact on the trend towards the game of handball and encouraging students to play the game and develop the spirit of competition away from the idea of winning and losing, which gives an educational and positive dimension inculcated in the hearts of students, and the pupils' tendency towards handball is the motivation and motivation to practice the game and pay attention to the young age stage They are elementary school students who need to use methods, means and games that contribute to their numbers in various aspects to build the base of the game. As for the research problem, it focused on the fact that educating pupils in the elementary stage requires great effort because it is the stage of construction and numbers for various sports, including handball, and competitive games are among the most popular games for students because of their excitement and excitement through which they can teach the pupil various sports activities and skills. The research aimed at preparing competitive games for the handball game for orphan pupils of (10-12) years old and identifying the effect of these games in the direction towards a ball game for orphan pupils. The two researchers used the experimental approach to solve the research problem. The research community was identified with orphan students aged 10-12 years in Baghdad governorate, who numbered 16 students, and they were divided equally into two groups by a simple random method.

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Prof Dr. Iqbal Abdul Hussein Neamah, W. H. K. . (2021). The Effect of Competitive Games on Trend towards Handball for Orphan Pupils of (10-12) Years Old. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 4011–4021. Retrieved from