Improved Virtual Cluster Management System for Best Performance in Cloud Computing

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Mr. Banti Anil Kumar, Dr Anantula Pranayanath Reddy, Mr. PrathipatiRatna Kumar, Mr. DonthireddySudheer Reddy


More novel techniques are introducing to the world to make user friendly environment. Technology and the population are two important concepts in front of the professionals. Technology is growing fast then world population; the dependency on the computers is also increasing. Early stages of the computer systems we had very less memory capacity and now we raised to ZBs. For any concept data plays a key role and bulk of raw data is available and this data must collect, refined, processed and validated for analysis purpose. Cloud computing is the latest buzzword along with cluster computing and management. For executing large datasets we require more memory when there is availability of raw data is in TBs to more. To execute more data we require more virtual machines which are treated as one single system and it is similar to executing on single system based on virtual cluster management system model. VCMS model manages and executes applications and run safely deploy accurate results. Cluster programs blocks can be scaled up and scaled down for more capacity occupied computer applications related to banking, business or weather forecasting and many more.

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Mr. DonthireddySudheer Reddy, M. B. A. K. D. A. P. R. M. P. K. . (2021). Improved Virtual Cluster Management System for Best Performance in Cloud Computing. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 3929–3937. Retrieved from