Management Indicators System for a Dairy Farm with Cattle

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Marisabel Luna Cardozo, Jacinto Alex Roca Cedeo, Guillermo E. GuevaraViera, Raul V. GuevaraViera


Management indicators systems are quantitative expressions with an organization used to measure, value and control its functioning. This paper aims is to design a management indicator system for a dairy farm with cattle, based on the strategic management postulates of Fred David and on the Balanced Scorecard, in order to diagnose and evaluate its management. The study methodology consists of four phases: 1) diagnosis of the strategic concept of the organization; 2) establishment of strategic objectives; 3) proposal of the management indicator system; 4) evaluation of the management indicator system through design and simulation in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Through this methodology, it is possible to propose management indicators, their measurement, goals and corresponding objectives. It is worth highlighting the company's management commitment and direction in the formulation of the organization's strategic concept and in making the right decisions to align objectives, indicators and action plan.

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Raul V. GuevaraViera, M. L. C. J. A. R. C. G. E. G. . (2021). Management Indicators System for a Dairy Farm with Cattle. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 3884–3891. Retrieved from