Sarcasm Detection on Social Network: A Review

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Jyoti Godara, Rajni Aron


Sarcasm can be considered as a type of expression where people say or write the things that are entirely opposite than what they meant. Sarcasm is extremely difficult to detect due to its obscurity. An irony is a form of sarcasm. One of the most common uses of sarcasm is to express criticism. Sarcasm is commonly used to convey one's thoughts or emotions, especially on social networking media sites as Twitter and Facebook. The accuracy of sentiment analysis can be improved by a rigorous analysis and interpretation of sarcasm sentences. Sentiment analysis is the study of people's or society's feelings or thoughts regarding a specific occurrence or subject. We attempted to detail the general architecture of sarcasm detection in this article, as well as current techniques, ensemble learning methods, similar work performed by researchers in the context of sarcasm detection on Twitter and future scope.

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