The Need of Counseling Services in Pandemic Covid-19 for Vocational Students

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Wulan Yuniarti, Asrowi, Munawir Yusuf


The goal of this study to understand the needs counseling services of vocational high school students. The uncontrolled distribution of Coronavirus (Covid-19) causes various problems to arise from students, both inside and outside, who use gadgets (digitalized) for every activity. For that, we need accurate information about the needs of students about expectations and obstacles during the distance learning processand providing counseling services. The research method used was a survey based on the Harry King sampling technique with a population. The questionnaire was chosen as a data collection tool because the data needed was factual data, both behavior and feelings that were being felt. The study results found students' needs about the barriers to new normal era counseling services. Students need counseling services during distance learning. The problems that appear to students in distance learning are emphasized on the limited use of quota ownership, less stable internet networks, laziness, and difficulty concentrating on understanding the material. Students need counseling services that are easy in terms of use, regulation, and simple.

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