Across Sectional Study on Utility of Partogram in Management of Active Labour

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Dr Zinsi Thakur, Dr Sharad Dohare, Dr Nidhi Choudhary, Dr Narendra Singh Patel, Dr. Shilpi Parihar, Dr. Ashmika Chauhan


Introduction: Prolonged labour is associated with obstructed labour, infections, PPH, uterine rupture andincreasedmaternalandperinatal morbidityandmayendinmortality.Thisstudywasplannedwith the objective to assess utility of partogram in detection of abnormal progress of labourandprevention of prolongedlabour. MaterialsandMethods: This study involved a detailed prospective workup of 200 patients admitted at Department ofObstetrics and Gynaecology, G.R. Medical College, Gwalior within a total span of 1 year i.e.July 2012 to Sept. 2013.Primigravid women, aged 19-29 years, who had crossed 37 weeks ofgestation were included in the study. WHO partogram was used. A semi-structuredquestionnaire with demographic details, history of present illness, relevant past history,relevant family history, general examination, obstetric examination, vital signs, laboratoryinvestigations and partogram, wasused to collectdata. Results: Casesweredividedinthreegroups onthebaseofpartogram.IngroupI,IIandIII,therewere120 (60%), 41 (20.5%) and 39 (19.5%) cases. Most (118, 98.3%) of the cases in group I weredelivered normal vaginally and only 2 (1.6%) cases underwent LSCS. In group II, most (34,82.9%) delivered as normal vaginally, 3 of them were delivered by ventouse (7.3%) and 4were delivered by LSCS (9.7%). In group III, among 36 cases 24 were delivered normalvaginal(61.5%), 3 wereby ventouse(7.6%) and 12wereby LSCS(30.7%). Conclusion:The key to early diagnosis and detection of disorders in labour progression specifically byfollowingtheevolutionofcharacteristicspatternofcervicaldilatationandfoetaldescent,usingthe partogram has also helped in achieving the policy of active management of labour iceensuringthedelivery ofthepatients within twelvehours.

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Dr. Ashmika Chauhan, D. Z. T. D. S. D. D. N. C. D. N. S. P. D. S. P. . (2021). Across Sectional Study on Utility of Partogram in Management of Active Labour. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 3254–3258. Retrieved from