Computation of Topological Indices of HA (C5c6c7) Nanotube

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N.Parvathi, Vijaya Lakshmi Krishnan


Chemical graph theory is a branch of Mathematics in where we can combine Mathematics and chemistry which go hand in hand with each other. Topological index which is popularly known as molecular index which is a category of molecular structure descriptor that is formulated on the molecular graph, named as a structure of a chemical compound. It is simply a numerical quantity which relates chemical structure with physical and chemical properties. The relation between Atom - Bond Connectivity, Geometric - Arithmetic Index, Randic index is well described with the help of chemical graph theory. In nanotechnology topological indices play a huge role in finding the value of the nanoparticles. In this paper structure of the nanotube is investigated and the Atom Bond Connectivity, Geometric Arithmetic Index and Randic Index are computed. The carbon nanotubes are tube like structures whose measurements are made in nanometers has vast range of applications in day-today-life.

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Vijaya Lakshmi Krishnan, N. . (2021). Computation of Topological Indices of HA (C5c6c7) Nanotube. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 3080–3085. Retrieved from