Change of Quality Indicators of Fabric Fabrics

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Usmonova Shakhnoza, Kulmetov Mirpolat, Ashurov Khasan, Akbarov Rustam,Ochilov Tulkin, Nishonov Islombek


In this article, 100% cotton fibre by knitting method, 70% cotton fibre waste with 70% Rogoza plant waste, 50% cotton fibre waste with 50% Rogoza plant waste and 70% cotton fibre with 30% Rogoza plant waste non-woven upholstery fabrics were produced from a mixture of fibre waste and their quality indicators were determined and the optimal variant of upholstery fabric was recommended for production.

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Nishonov Islombek, U. S. K. M. A. K. A. R. T. . (2021). Change of Quality Indicators of Fabric Fabrics. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 2869–2874. Retrieved from