A Look at Askia Art

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UmidaxonBoltaboeva, ShamsiddinUsmonov, ToshpulatAkbarov


The article is devoted to the art of askia, which is one of the samples of folklore. Historical monuments, ancient written works, archaeological excavations testify to the antiquity of Uzbek folklore and national art. The beginning of any artistic genre is the fruit of folklore. So, the oldest sources of our are folklore ar5t that was developed and based on folklore works, that is, folk songs, lullabies, yallas, labor and ritual songs, proverbs, parables, fairy tales, legends, myths, epics, poems constitute the folklore art. Examples of these are ancient folklore, ceremonial folklore, children's folklore, folk lyrics, folklore and written literature, the system of epic genres of the Uzbek people, folk epics, epic schools, their epic traditions, the interaction of Turkic folklore. We can cite the example of intellectual theater and folk art, oral, traditional folk songs, music, dance art of all oases and regions.

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