Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: A Comparative Study and Analysis

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B. Naga Sudheer, Ch. Praneeth, K. Sarada, P. Radha Madhavi


When we look at our history, we people used “commodity currency.” Later Fiat currency was introduced as an alternative to this commodity currency and now, it is most leading form of currency. But this is not the end of economic history as they introduced Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is neither commodity currency nor fiat currency but an experimental kind of currency. In recent years emerged lots of cryptocurrencies, starting from the most standard “Bitcoin” to the latest “Libra (Diem)”. In this paper we studied what cryptocurrency is and various policy makers, basic aspects of cryptocurrencies followed by characteristics and factors effecting the price of cryptocurrency. The main idea of cryptocurrency analysis is to provide an overall information about several cryptocurrency and helps focusing on the use of cryptocurrency in various fields.

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P. Radha Madhavi, B. N. S. C. P. K. S. . (2021). Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: A Comparative Study and Analysis. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 2616–2624. Retrieved from