Strengthening of Beams Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Laminate

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Srinath T, Janani selvam


Several infrastructures around the globe are getting damaged day by day due to improper maintenance, environmental conditions, improper design, poor construction, etc. Through research, they have found many techniquesand development to strengthen the construction in order to provide good strength and reliability. One such development in composite strengthening system is Fiber- Reinforced polymer (FRP) application. Fiber-reinforced polymer technique is one of the effective methods used in strengthening rehabilitating infrastructure which are very weak in strength. While comparing with other reinforcing methods, FRP method is much more economical as well as provides long time durability and strength. Through this study, we are examining the flexural and shear characteristics of reinforced concrete (RC) beams by using Glass fiber polymer laminate. The beams which are to be examined is coated and strengthened with 1.5 mm Epoxy Bonded Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and tested. The beam is tested until it fails by using a symmetric two-point load system. 10 beams of size 155 mm × 155 mm × 1010mm were constructer, out of which 7 beams were coated with GFRP laminate made out of different combination and 3 beams were control beams. The beams were tested and the deflection of each beam were recorded and compared with the deflections od control beams respectively.

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