Towards Trustworthiness of Electronic Health Record system using Blockchain

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Faheem Ahmad Reegu, , Salwani Mohd, Zaid Hakami, Kaiser Kariem Reegu, Shadab Alam


The digital archive of the patient's personal health records is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) that has various advantages. For finding the best solution to resolve the associated issues, a detailed study is required to utilize modern technologies and standards so that these issues and errors can be minimized. There are several issues associated with implementing the EHR, including data management, privacy, and patient data security. This research aims to examine the use of the Blockchain in EHR frameworks as per the national and international standards of EHR to reduce the associated issues. A blockchain-based framework can be successful in solving the current challenges in EHR. It allows storing, sharing, managing, controlling, and maintaining patient information between healthcare providers. The study illustrated the related difficulties of integrating EHR and proposed Blockchain as a solution to help manage the records and preserve privacy, confidentiality, usability and protection of patient-related details. This study helps to understand the current challenges better and help in the proper implementation of Blockchain technology in EHR.

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Shadab Alam, F. A. R. , S. M. Z. H. K. K. R. (2021). Towards Trustworthiness of Electronic Health Record system using Blockchain. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 2425–2434. Retrieved from