Mutation of Torque Teno Virus among Women with Urinary Tract Infection in Diyala Governorate

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Nedhal Mahmood Kaleefah, AreejAtiyah Hussein


Background: Torque Teno Virus (TTV) shows a high prevalence in infected and healthy individuals globally. The generation of many TTV variants is driven by the high mutation rate, which is closer to the RNA virus. The cause and mechanism of great genomic variation are unknown as ORF1 is the most extended encoded region in the genome of TTV with the highest rate of genetic mutations.Objectives:To determine the infection rateof Torque Teno Virus and types of mutations in women with urinary tract infections in Diyala Governorate.Methods:A cross-sectional study was performed between the 20thof September 2020 to the 20th of January 2021 for 100 women diagnosed with urinary tract infections (50 pregnant and 50 non-pregnant women). Their ages ranged from 17-77 years old of women admitted to Al-Batool Teaching Hospital for Maternity and Children, Women Emergency Unit and Unit of Urological Consultation at Baqubah Teaching Hospital in Diyala Governorate. The DNA extraction,was performed on the collected urine samples and followed with genes amplification with specific primers using a nested polymerase chain reaction and finally the phylogenic analysis was done to determine the genotype of TTV.Results:Torque TenoVirus DNA was detected in (8%). About 12.50% of positive women for TTV had UTI history during childhood, while 7(87.50%) without UTI history during childhood. Three of the positive samples (37.50%) who were positive to TTV had UTI before pregnancy compared to the rest 5(62.50%) of TTV positive infection in women without UTI infection before pregnancy. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences during childhood while non-significant before pregnancy.Genetically there are many substitution mutations were shown in local isolates such as isolate (1) in five positionsC\G,G\A,C\T,C\G, A\G, isolate (2)in three positionsG\A,T\A,A\G, isolate (3) did not show any mutation, isolate (4)in four positionsT\A,A\C,A\G,T\A, isolate (5) in three positions A\C,T\A,A\G, isolate (6)in three positions G\A,C\G,G\C, isolate (7) in two positions A\G,C\G and isolate (8) in three positions A\G,A\G,G\A.Conclusion:Transversion and transition mutation of amino acid occurred in most local isolates in two, three or five positions after alignment with some GenBank isolates, except isolate number three which was showed 100% similarity with Egyptian isolate.

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