Improved Information Retrieval IIR-Model for Pile of data sets in Large Repositories

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Dr. Tarigoppula V S Sriram, Dr. Madhavi Kolukuluri, Dr. V. V. Hari Babu, Mr. P Ratna Kumar


Big Data Analytics is the area which is growing very fast around the world. Billions of dollars of money is spent on research and development by American government. America like nations they depend upon the computer systems, as per growth of population in future, data will be more in above GBs. After some days or months or years later it will reach PBs also. This mass of data is stored in the larger repositories and these repositories are also growing day by day and it will continue like that, it is never ending process till the scope of systems exist. Retrieving data from the large data tombs or data buckets or large repositories is also a challenge. Improved Information Retrieval (IIR) should fast and accurate. Data will spread in distributed databases for any organizations around the globe. End user will interact with the web server and web server stores the user details in an index that is available in database relation, that process is said to be WUM. Challenge is chased by maintaining index with a format and storing information in sequential manner. After issues of identity, software will chose one database where information is linked with linked list in sorted manner. User interaction is dumped into storage and some information is transformed into large data sets. The information can be end user search, or showing interest towards product and his bills. Based on store index we can retrieve information fast and accurate. This process is said to be improved information retrieval (IIR), application end support is required to add message to persistent data.

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Mr. P Ratna Kumar, D. T. V. S. S. D. M. K. D. V. V. H. B. . (2021). Improved Information Retrieval IIR-Model for Pile of data sets in Large Repositories. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 2160–2172. Retrieved from