Analysis and Prediction of Electricity Load Forecasting

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D. Jyothsna, Tanyyala Sai Kumar , T D Sai Prasad


The monetary growth of every country is relatively associated with its strength infrastructure, community, and availability considering that strength has emerge as the relevant part of normal existence in this modern world. Consequently, the worldwide demand for power for residential and commercial purposes has seen an exceptional increase. Electricity charges hold fluctuating during the last years and no longer citing the inadequacy in strength generation to meet global call for. As a approach to this, numerous studies geared toward estimating future electric power demand for residential and business purposes to enable strength generators, vendors, and suppliers to plot successfully beforehand and promote strength conservation some of the users.

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T D Sai Prasad, D. J. T. S. K. , . (2021). Analysis and Prediction of Electricity Load Forecasting. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 2134–2143. Retrieved from