Design of a Hexagonal Labyrinth Implantable Antenna for Biotelemetry Applications

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Kavitha V P, Yuvaraj G, Krithik S, Vishal A N


The health care industry is continuously revolutionizing and advancing towards developing more efficient system suitable for physical body . Today implantable devices became a more interesting topic in health care services which primarily started with the pacemakers. Since then it's continuously evolving thanks to its non-invasive nature, instant monitoring and diagnosis, and periodic simulation. during this work, a completely unique Hexagonal Labyrinth implantable antenna has been proposed for medical applications to be operated in medical band. The biocompatible polyamide substrate (r = 4.3 and tan = 0.004) with 0.05 mm thickness has been used as both substrate and superstrate. The proposed antenna is featured with excellent miniaturization with the size of 6× 6×0.1 mm3 by employing circular maze shaped structure in radiator. The performance of the proposed antenna was evaluated by placing during a realistic human model using HFSS. The simulated results for the gain and reflection coefficient exhibited reasonable agreement. the security of the antenna was verified consistent with the IEEE SAR regulation. The analysis of the link budget revealed that the antenna can perform reliable wireless communication.

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Vishal A N, K. V. P. Y. G. K. S. . (2021). Design of a Hexagonal Labyrinth Implantable Antenna for Biotelemetry Applications. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 2054–2058. Retrieved from