Smart Waste Management Using Lora

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Theivanathan.G, Bala Murugan.T, Dhinesh.M, Kalaiarasan.S, HaaslinBilto.L.A


Normally one of the challenging issues faced by the municipality is waste collection within city. Internet of Things(IoT) is not always practical since it requires internet connectivity. This can be solved by using Long range communication techniques such as LoRa. For the implementation of a proper waste disposal procedure, the presented solution provides a calculation of more efficient garbage truck routes. It offers a luxury through which the city service providers can use communication technologies to engage with the people to create a better livelihood and systems that can improve the quality of life.As for the output, we do a set of experimental simulation focused on the mentioned area. If dustbin is filled we get an alert via SMS to an authorized person in a particular time and through image processing segregation of wastes is also done. This paper will explore the smart waste management concept and propose a strategy development model for the implementation of IoT systems in a smart city.

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