Comparison of Ultra Sound Therapy & Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in the Treatment of Upper Trapezitis

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Muthukumarn Jothilingam, S.Sarniya, Jagatheesan Alagesan


Aim: To compare the effectiveness of ultrasound and transcutaneous electricalnervestimulation in treatment ofupper trapezitis.Objective:Todeterminethe effectivenessofultrasoundtherapyinupper trapezitis. Method: Using convenient sampling method (as the patient comes the odd numberwill be allotted to Group-A and even number will be allotted to Group-B by theresearchsupervisor)thirtysampleswithupper trapezitiswillbeselectedbasedoninclusion and exclusion criteria. Informed consent will be obtained from all theparticipants. All participants will undergo trigger point assessment byultra-sonogram and their pain will be measured in Numerical pain rating scale(NPRS). Participants will be assigned into two groups 15 numbersin eachrandomly. OutcomeMeasures: AssessmentofTriggerPointusingUltra sonogram. NumericalPainRatingScale(NPRS)forquantifyingpain. StatisticalAnalysis:The collected data was tabulated and analyzed using descriptive and inferentialstatistics .To all parameters, mean and standard deviationwas used. Paired t-testwasusedtoanalyzesignificantchangesbetweenpre-testmeasurements.Unpairedt-testwasused to analyzesignificantchangesbetween two groups.Result:StatisticalAnalysisshowsthatinterventionofUltrasoundTherapyinmoresignificantthanTranscutaneousElectricalNerveStimulationintreatingbyreducingUpper trapezius trigger point andreducingpain, Conclusion: From the results , it has been conclude that ultrasound therapy [group A] are moreeffectivethanTranscutaneousElectricalNerveStimulation[groupB]indecreasingpain and trigger point

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