The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Youth

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Dr. Sr.Ligy V.K, Subrata Das, Dr. Mohanadasan. T, Mr.Remesh K K, Dr.D.PaulDhinakaran, Dr.C.Vijai


The extensive use of social media in India has been on the rise among the new generation youths. In today’s world, use of social media has become an integral part of everyday life of human being. This study aimed to know the impact of Social Networking Sites on the youth With Special Reference to Kerala. A total number of 366 respondents. Data were processed and analyzed by the Statistical Package for social science. It is found that the majority of respondents are Male. The majority of the respondents are the purpose of using social networking sites in (SSN) just for fun and entertainment (SNS). Here the majority of the respondents are preferred social networking sites are Whatsapp. This paper throws a light on pattern of social media usage and its impact on youth. The new age social networking culture has been accepted and got annenthusiastic response. It is evident from the studies that social media has both positive and negative impact on youths.

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Dr.C.Vijai, D. S. V. S. D. D. M. T. M. K. K. D. . (2021). The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Youth. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 1899–1906. Retrieved from