A Study on HR Policy Implementation at Unitech Plasto Components Pvt Ltd Chennai, Tamilnadu

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Mr. Chandrasekaran, Shreya.v, S.Poovizhi, Gayathri Bhattacharya


The author explained that the purpose of the paper is to aim to explore the effect of HR policies and procedures on job satisfaction of port trusts employees. The HR policies and procedures are the backbone of an organization. HR policies provides and consists the details regarding treatment to be given to employees in and make them recognize the culture of the organization.
The research is about HR policies and its implementation it is something that is more vital for any organization when there is policy being followed the whole policy structure it promotes unity action and stop duplication. This study deals with the human resource policies of an organization is considered the valuable and competitive advantage over its competitor because of its commitment to towards organization; it is used as a strategic weapon by the organization to widen its market place.
Following are the objectives, the primary objective is To study the HR policy implementation at Unitech Plasto Components Pvt Ltd, Chennai. And the secondary objectives are To study the HR policies of the company , to determine the solutions to avoid or to control attrition, To analyse the personal causes that give rise to absenteeism,To study the opinion about the various welfare measures provided to employees , To understand the process of recruitment and To study the training process provided by the organisation to the employee
My main problem of the study is HR Policy Difficulty in recruiting and retaining skilled talent. As a HR Safety is one of the HR challenges in manufacturing industry that involves protecting workers from the physical dangers of processes and machines. If they implement proper working tools and machines and proper rubber mat in the floor then people will not accidentally cut themselves by improperly handling machines or tools. The problem faced while taking the survey is that language problem , unable to meet employees, time constraint for the employees because it is manufacturing company so they need to keep working continuously they dint have much time to spend on the survey as they were working on the machines.
The type of research used here is descriptive research.. It describes data and characteristics about the population The technique used here is Probability sampling and simple random sampling adopted as sampling design with a sample of 136 respondents. Appropriate statistical tools will be applied for testing the data such as chi square , correlation , One way anova and Friedman’s test.
The data design that is used in this study and information collected from primary data and secondary data Primary data are those which are collected for the first time by the researcher. Secondary data is from Journals, magazines, books and internet and newspaper articles. Questionnaire Survey created through Google Forms. Questionnaire was designed in the method of Closed Ended Questions, Multiple choice questions , Likert Scale and Dichotomous question
The questionnaire is prepared from following variables of HR Policies they are Attrition , Absenteeism, Training , Recruitment and Employee motivation and welfare The distribution of the sample shows that from the findings the majority in education qualification is that 60% of the respondents are graduates ,47.4 % majority of the respondents have a experience of 5 years and above and 63.7% of the respondents feel that the salary is very reasonable.
Concluding the report the study says the human resources policies of the organisation will help them to retain the employees and will led to feeling of job satisfaction among the employees. Through this research paper, I have established that HR policies plays a very important in the performance of an organization. It helps in new recruitments and achieving the goals.

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