Relevance Of Buddhist Education In The 21st Century Society

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For the first time in the whole world, education was open to all sections of people only at the emergence of Buddhist education system. This is the most significant characteristic of Buddhist Education System which was originated in India. Bhagawan Buddha tried to bring out social transformation by raising the living and spiritual standards of all sections of people through education. Therefore, He established that System of Education which aims at regaining of our own original spiritual and moral values of India. Purpose of the present paper is to make people understand about the Buddhist System of Education and to appraise the relevance of it for the21st century society. Because, our Society in the 21st century is fully dominated by cultural plurality, complexity and unhappiness condition of people. Therefore, present education should foster universal and eternal values among children which are found in Buddhism and it can only reorient the unity and integration of all in this 21st century. Over and above, one must realize that Buddhist Education System has a profound positive content which is based on our original universal perceptions. If educational programmes are restructured, and reorganized, keeping in view the aspects outlined, it surely will deliver valuable outputs for the children in 21st century.

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