Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Spinal Cord Injured Patients Practice toward Clean Intermittent Catheterization

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Mohammed A Hussein , Widad K Mohammed


Background: Patients with spinal cord injuries usually suffer from failure to empting the bladder, which leads to retention of the urine, so patients will need to learn the self-intermittent catheterization to empting the bladder, which is one of the best methods according to the results of the previous studies in this scope. Objectives: This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of an educational program on spinal cord injured patients' toward clean intermittent catheterization. Methodology: Pre - Experimental Design (one - group pretest - posttest design). A non-probability (purposive) sample of (26) spinal cord injured patients who were attending the Ibn-Alkuff Hospital for medical treatment and rehabilitation. The study instrument was composed of two parts which: First part consist of Socio-demographic characteristic was included; age, social status, level of education, occupational, and economic status. The second part of the questionnaire comprises (36) items that concerned with patients practices to evaluate patients use clean intermittent catheterization procedure. Results: The majority of the samples (73%) were (18-32) years old, (58%) were single, (42%) were primary graduate, and (50) of those in median level of economic status. The study showed a high statistically significant relationship between patients' practices towards clean intermittent catheterization in pretest and posttest, as P ≤ 0.05 = (.000) in all domains. Conclusion: The current study found that the educational program concerning clean intermittent catheterization had a good effect on the patients' practices. Recommendation: The study recommended the necessity of intensifying educational programs on intermittent catheterization for nurses in order to teach them to patients suffering from neurogenic bladder

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Widad K Mohammed, M. A. H. , . (2021). Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Spinal Cord Injured Patients Practice toward Clean Intermittent Catheterization. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 1390–1395. Retrieved from https://www.annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/5663