Management Students Perception and Preference towards Online Classes in Bangalore

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Kokila M S, Prasant Kumar Choudhury, Dr.Kalanjeri Venkatesh Satya


Covid 19 Pandemic have closed the educational institutions across the world and has collapsed the academic calendars. Most of the educational institutions has drastically shifted to online classes replacing the traditional face to face learning. However, there were a lot of steps taken to transform to online mode without the thought of preparedness, designing and effectiveness of online education for a country like India in Particular. In this study the researcher explored the student’s perceptions and preferences of online classes in Bangalore. In this study the researcher understood the management student’s preference of online classes and difficulties faced by them during their study. This study is set out with the main objective to examine management student’s perception towards online classes in Bangalore during Covid 19 pandemic. This study is guided with few research questions. Data were collected from 250 respondents on demographic features, followed with their computer proficiency, ownership of laptop/ desktop / technology, gadgets, perceptions, difficulties/ hindrances and suggestions for improvement of online education. The results of the study revealed that most of the respondents do not concentrate in online class, expecting to bring back the traditional classroom environment. Most of the respondent agreed to adapt online class due to pandemic, waiting for the offline traditional mode of education.

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Dr.Kalanjeri Venkatesh Satya, K. M. S. P. K. C. . (2021). Management Students Perception and Preference towards Online Classes in Bangalore. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 1229–1243. Retrieved from