Single Axis Solar Tracking

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Balamurugan C.R., Vijayakumar P., Raghul Narayanaswamy S., Sakthi Nithish M., Shoheal Basha H., Gokul M.


The aim is to design a system that will automatically track the solar energy from the sun and changes the panel direction according to the sun's direction. a solar tracking system is mainly used to track the direction of the sun and consume its energy efficiently. The absorption of energy will be maximum when the sun rays are high solar cells constantly monitor the energy from the sun. Solar energy is renewable energy thus we can consume energy frequently. The energy extracted from solar photovoltaic depends on solar isolation to consume maximum energy from the sun. the plane of the solar collector should away to be normal radiation. solar tracker moves both grid-tie and off-grid have current and voltage sensor in a battery charger or inverter units. Voltage can be accessed by using IOT based automatic system. In this work, we are using RTC to generate the time signal. Single acid solar Tracking has been implemented through microcontroller-based control logic

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Gokul M., B. C. V. P. R. N. S. S. N. M. S. B. H. . (2021). Single Axis Solar Tracking. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 994–998. Retrieved from