Pregnancy And Liver Disease: A Challenging Issue

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Parveen Rajora, Mukesh Kumar, Seema Grover, Prableen kaur, Isha Tapasvi


Background: The diagnostic work of abnormal Liver Function Test (LFT) in pregnancy is challenging. Biochemical and hematological indices taken during pregnancy need to be interpreted in light of the altered normal range for test result in pregnancy. The pathological derangement in the liver functions may be related or may coexist with pregnancy and may be divided into three major groups
Material and Method: All pregnant women who met WHO set of severity markers for near miss mortality (NHM) with deranged LFT were studied prospectively. 60 such women were included in the study.
Results: There were 60 women with deranged LFT amongst 504 admissions giving the incidence of 11.90% in our study. 81.66% women had pregnancy specific liver dysfunction whereas 18.33% women had liver disorder which was not specific to pregnancy.
Conclusion: Pregnancy specific disorders are the leading cause of abnormal LFT during pregnancy particularly in the third trimester.

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