Employee Safety, Health And Welfare Measures In Pharmaceutical Industry: An Empirical Study

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Preksha Yadav, Brijesh Singh, BhagyaLakshmi.K, Poonam Mishra, Ramya. N


Indian labor welfare commenced in its broader way however has steadily. Primary goal in labor welfare scheme is to set off good industrial relations. Mostly, it presents psychologically good working conditions. To meet the legal necessities one should offer labour welfare centers. The study explain about the health, safety and welfare measures for the employees working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in which researcher is analyzing the effectiveness of facility provided by the companies to the employees in their safety and welfare measures, the employees are the very important resource of the company has to provide safety for the employees to improve their employees efficiency, which may help for the productivity of the organization.
This study mainly focuses on the health, safety and welfare activities taken in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This study also try to identify the overall work life quality of the employee. Primary data collected through questionnaire and in few cases personal interview were required for filling up of the questionnaire of this study. To analyze the collected data, researcher used simple percentage analysis and Chi-Square test. Different charts and graphs were drawn to interpret the collected data. Primary objective of the study is to know about the employee’s health, safety and welfare measure provided and the level of awareness among the employees.

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Ramya. N, P. Y. B. S. B. P. M. (2021). Employee Safety, Health And Welfare Measures In Pharmaceutical Industry: An Empirical Study. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 682–692. Retrieved from https://www.annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/5480