Effect of Pressure on Biodegradable Boards

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Preetesh Saxena


In this research chapter ten bio-boards have been produced under five experimental conditions and strength test was conducted to examine their mechanical properties. Following are the main points which were observed after the various tests were performed –
1) The results indicated that boards were successfully made by using raw materials of corn straws under the experimental conditions. Thus it is feasible to make board using this process.
2) The results of bending and tensile strength showed that as the deformations were increased in all the bio-boards , stress value was also increased . When the specimen failed, maximum value was attained by stress, then gradually it started decreasing & finally it becomes zero.
3) In the bending test, the range of rupture stress found were in the range of 21.25MPa ~ 30.78MPa. Likewise in the test of tensile strength, the range of rupture stress varied from 4.49MPa ~ 15.15MPa. Under 8MPa pressure condition of the bending strength of bio-boards were highest, near to value of 29.37MPa. Rupture stress was highest near to value of 10.89MPa of tensile strength under 10MPa pressure condition.
4) The result from the curves of stress-strain of the test of specimen, revealed that 1.4GPa~1.8GPa was the average range of Young’s modulus of bio-boards .Also the static toughness values becomes large as pressure was increased.
The bio-board attained maximum static toughness of 85KPa under 10MPa pressure condition.
Also the fundamental properties of bio-board were examined and the results indicated, that bio-board can be made ,which can be used for different purposes like a material for packaging , as a mulch film in agriculture , for heat insulation in architectural purposes etc .

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