Design and Development of Motorized Scooter

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Ganesh Murali J, Ajith S, Johnson Stephenraj P, Sanjay R , Saran Kumar S T


Two-wheeled vehicles play an important role in city transport in India thereby contributing considerably to city transport impacts and energy consumption. The increase in air quality issues and governments regulation towards pollution has created electrical vehicles as an ideal alternative. Advances in battery technology and enhancements in motor potency have created electrical vehicles a reputable variety of transportation, particularly for short-distance travel. These days in India, more individuals are choosing electric vehicles as a primary variety of transportation. In this project, we tend to develop a motorized version of a standard kick scooter.

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Saran Kumar S T, G. M. J. A. S. J. S. P. S. R. , . (2021). Design and Development of Motorized Scooter. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 617–626. Retrieved from