IoT Based Farm Housing Using NPK Sensors

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R.Balamurugan, T.Dineshkumar, C.Malarvizhi, A.Yogeshwaran, K.Kaarthik, R.Sagayaraj


Internet of Things (IoT) is an achievement in the advancement of innovation. IoT assumes a significant part in numerous fields, one of them is Agriculture/Gardening by which can take care of billions of individuals on Earth in future. This paper presents IoT-based shrewd cultivating with plant's wellbeing observed. Many people tend to grow plants in their homes but as time passes they always forget to take care of the plants. Hence, in this study we use two motors, one is for pumping water and the other is for pumping the bio manures, where it can to monitored and controlled by using a smartphone. We are chiefly utilizing four sensors, which are a temperature sensor, soil dampness sensor, pH sensor, NPK sensor. The NPK sensor is utilized to quantify the supplement estimations of the dirt and reasonable bio compost is siphoned to the dirt. This IoT-based smart gardening with plants health monitored can record the data and the results can be monitored using cayenne apps. This paper is beneficial, and the system can be easily accessed by everyone regardless of their age group.

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R.Sagayaraj, R. T. C. A. K. (2021). IoT Based Farm Housing Using NPK Sensors. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 581–590. Retrieved from