Design and Fabrication of Automatic Hand Brake System

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Veeramanikandan K, Sowsic M, Selvaganapathi S, Sujikumar S, Vishwa T


The most critical aspect of a vehicle's braking mechanism is the parking brake system, which we are fabricating here. Since most drivers do not use the parking brake due to driving stress, we use an automatic hand brake release mechanism to prevent this issue. In automobiles, the hand brake is one of the most important features. A ratchet locking mechanism is used in the traditional handbrake system. as a way to maintain it engaged until a release button is pressed. Driver blunders can cause injuries wherein handbrake isn't always engaged. To overcome this, an Automatic Hand Brake attractive and disengaging system is proposed. A combination of rack and pinion association and Solenoid Valve controller is used to activate and disengage the hand brake. An electric motor is connected to an automatic braking device for a car, which transmits motion from the motor to a brake lever that moves the restraint. This project presents a modern concept style of pneumatic parking brakes with genuine and cost-effective characteristics. This project entails the design and manufacture of a pneumatic breaking device.

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