Assessment of Nurses Challenges regarding Health care system in Hilla City

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Zaid Abdullah Hussein, Naji Yasser Saadoon


Background: There are certain challenges which the nurses in the present healthcare system face . These challenges arise due to issues at the organizational, state and national level. Therefore, the study aimed at assess nurses challenges related to health care systems in Hilla City Hospitals.
Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional quantitative assessment approach using the tools that have been questionnaire. By a convinces sample of (220) nurses is selected throughout the use of non probability sampling approach. Data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical data analysis approach that includes, frequencies, percentages; and score mean.
Results: "Findings indicate that nurses were recorded high level of mean 1.8 were without social challenges. Nurses suffers of psychological, Economical, administrational, Professional and professional challenges at mean low level of mean <1.5, it recorded (53.6%, 53.2%, 63.2%, 70.9% and 83.2%) respectively.
Conclusion: The study concludes that challenges in terms of social, nurses they do not encounter social challenges. Challenges in terms of psychological, economical, administrational, professional and policy, nurses suffers. Need to be paying attention to the competencies and skills of workers in the nursing field through internal and external training courses to refine the personality of nurses and increase their skills. Emphasizing that the role of nurses is no less important than that of doctors and other workers in health institutions.

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