Lipoprotein (A) the Rebellious: Novel Perception of the Biological and Clinical Importance

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Karuna Kachhawa et al.


In the 1960s Norwegian physician the Kare Berg was revealed lipoprotein (a) in the lab. Meanwhile, we have significantly developed ourfact of cardiovascular disease of and lipid. Lipoprotein (a) is a mysterious variant of low density lipoprotein with an extra-large glycoprotein as apoliporoteinapo (a) tangled to it in structurethatuttered by hepatocytes and assemblage of apo (a) and low density lipoprotein take place on external surface of liver cell. Plasma concentration of lipoprotein (a) ranges from < 1 mg to > 1,000 mg/dL which can be resolute by using of monoclonal antibody-based procedures. Lipoprotein (a) levels more than 20-30 mg/dL are associated with a two times threat of emerging coronary artery disease. Generally, the greater lipoprotein (a) levels of African subjects are more likely to yield the coronary artery diseases than that of Caucasians and Orientals, are not concomitant to it. Age and sex have slight impact on lipoprotein (a) levels. Lipoprotein (a) homologous to plasminogen may be lead to intrusion of the fibrinolytic coagulation activity, accountable for an atherogenic mechanism of that lipoprotein. Though, accretion of lipoprotein (a) unswervinglyon intima of the arterial wall is also being furthersusceptible to oxidation than low density lipoprotein. Most prospective studies have confirmed lipoprotein (a) as a predisposing factor to atherosclerosis.  Lipoprotein (a) only furthermost conjoint sovereign hereditarily genetic contributing risk elements  for cardiovascular disease has been recognized by genome-wide association study and othersmeta-analytic  studies. Raised lipoprotein (a)level is an important biomarker for atherosclerotic. For high lipoprotein (a) levels we contemporary to explain the metabolism, pathophysiology, existing and imminent medical interferences.

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