Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Triggered a Shift in Psychopathology?

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Prakash Balkrishna Behere et al.


Context:The unanticipated nationwide lockdown declared in India on 24th March, 2020 left people shocked and unprepared creating difficulties in procuring adequate medications which led to exacerbation of pre-existing psychiatric illnesses.

Aims and objectives: Aspsychiatrists, we have observed changes in the psychopathologies of our patients and aim to illustrate the impact and association of the COVID 19 pandemic on the symptomology of a few of them.

Setting and Methodology:The study was based in the OPD of Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital, Wardha, Maharashtra, India. All symptomatic patients who consulted the professionals were evaluated and 7 patients were selected to be included in this report.

Results:Several of the chronic psychiatric patients were found to be affected by the pandemic resulting in their relapses with new COIVD 19 based symptoms. Similarly, previously unaffected members of the community were presenting with various complaints which seems to have appeared due to some aspect of the pandemic. The psychopathologies have been illustrated below.

Conclusions: The evolving psychopathology over decades demonstrates the influences of the patient’s education, cultural beliefs and the general society on the content of delusions and hallucinations. While this pandemic may eventually resolve, it has subtly impacted mental health worldwide and only time will reveal the true extent of the calamity.

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