Role of Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Causes of Hematuria

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Dr. Vadlamudi Nagendra, Dr. Rajasbala Pradeep Dhande


Understanding the causes of hematuria due to genito-urinary pathologiesin Indian population in different age groups, gender predisposition and co morbid conditions, would help us better understand the pathology of the various conditions associated with hematuria and thereby diagnose accurately and plan therapy accordingly.

Objectives:In this study we aim to evaluate the patients with ct urography who present with the complaints ofeither micro-hematuria or macro-hematuria, its pathological causes and the diagnostic accuracy of ct urography in detecting the cause of hematuria.

Methodology:A cross-sectional study will be done at AcharyaVinobaBhave Rural Hospital, Sawangi, involving50 patients who present with hematuria for CT Urography. All the patients will beevaluated for the cause based on parameters like presenting symptoms, duration and type of hematuria,site, size, number and enhancement pattern of the lesion in different phases, lesions involvement of adjacent structures with or without vascular invasion and lesions internal content will all be evaluated using non contrast, corticomedullary, nephrographic and excretorysequences. These dimensions would be compared gender and age wise and correlated with their resultant pathologies.

Results: After appropriate statistical analysis, we expect to find age, gender, duration and presenting symptoms, disease association with other comorbid conditions, differences in early and accurate detection of eachcause of hematuria, its prognostic and its positive association with these parameters.

Conclusion: In this observational study, we expect to precisely diagnose the causes of hematuria due to genitor-urinary causes with the help of ct urography and its positive association with age, gender, presenting symptoms, type of hematuria, patients co-morbidities, smoking and occupational history respectively.

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