“Interleukin-six” As Predictor of “Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” among “Insulin Resistance Syndrome” : A study protocol

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Sujal Patel et al.


Background: “Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” (NAFLD) Patients may progresses to cirrhosis of livercirrhosis and decompensated liver cirrhosis if the risk factors of like “Insulin resistance syndrome”, obesity, diabetes are not controlled. Interleukin six is one of the predictors of NAFLD progression.

AIM:To find out the role of “Interleukin-6” as predictor of “Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” among “Insulin Resistance Syndrome” and to correlate the level of IL-6 with Anthropometric profile, lipid profile Fasting Blood glucose, NAFLD score, and ultrasound of liver.

Methodology:The study will be conducted in medicine department of AVBH ,Sawangi (Meghe) which is affiliated to DattaMeghe institute of Medical sciences, Wardha. It will be aObservational, Case Control study. Patients height, weight, blood pressure, neck circumference, waist and hip circumference, biochemical investigations like fasting plasma glucose, Fasting Lipid Profile,LiverFunction Tests,PlateletCounts and Interleukin six will be considered to ascertain the patient of “InsulinResistanceSyndrome”, and estimate the NAFLD score using above parameters and correlate it with USG of liver findings and predict the correlation between scoring, IL 6 and radiological findings .

Expected Results and Discussion:Among patients with non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH), IL-6 level will be higher relative to simple steatosis, assisting the existence of hepatic IL-6 expression in human NASH.We may find out positive association between the expression of IL-6 and NAFLD score and ultrasound findings. Author may find association of IL-6 levels with systemic “Insulin Resistance Syndrome”.

In animal models of NAFLD, the hepatic expression of “Interleukin-6” ( IL-6) is increased, whereas in mice, selective sustained overexpression of IL-6 results in systemic resistance to insulin.As per above animal study,we hypothesis that il-6 may be used as a predictor of progression of NAFLD..

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