Community-Based Forest Management Program Assessment in San Francisco, Southern Leyte, Philippines

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Ananya Kuanar,Sandeep Kumar Kabi, Swapnashree Satapathy, Saswati Mishra, Ruchi Bhuyan, Dattatreya Kar


This study attempted to make an appraisal of the Community-Based Forest Management Program in San Francisco, Southern Leyte, in terms of the benefits obtained by the farmer-beneficiaries from the project and their extent of participation in the project activities. Data from the 41 farmer-beneficiaries were gathered using an interview schedule. These were analyzed using frequency counts, percentage, means, ranges and ranking. Findings of the study showed that the mean of age of the farmer-beneficiaries was 49 years old, mostly females and predominantly married. The farmer-beneficiaries had an average of 6 years of formal schooling. A little more than half of them were tenants, with an average farming experience of 20 years. Almost all of the farmer-beneficiaries relied on coconut production as their major source of farm income. The average monthly income earned by the farmer-beneficiaries before and after joining the CBFMP was ₽2,134.15 and ₽3,258.30 respectively and had attended several seminars/trainings. Increased income and attendance to trainings/seminars were the notable benefits obtained by the farmer-beneficiaries. A great majority of the beneficiaries rated their attendance to meetings and other activities of CBFMP as very often. Almost all of the beneficiaries participated in the identification of activities to be implemented by CBFMP in the area. Lack of capital for their farming operations was the number one problem encountered by the farmer-beneficiaries of CBFMP..

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Dattatreya Kar, A. K. K. K. S. S. S. M. R. B. (2021). Community-Based Forest Management Program Assessment in San Francisco, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 474 –. Retrieved from (Original work published May 13, 2021)