COVID Pandemic and Connecting Nursing Students with E-Learning: Challenges for Nursing Educators – A Way Forward?

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Mahendra kumar, Ms. Shelly, Ms. Binal Joshi, Ankita Singh


Background: The lockdown imposed to contain Corona virus pandemic spread had some inescapable unfavourable outcome on every part of life including education delivery system. Nurse educators are facing challenges due to technical advancement and introduction of innovative changes in teaching learning strategies According to studies nursing educators are battling to mingle technological skills into nursing curricula for the reason that inappropriate preparation, slow adoption of e-learning as strategy in teaching and learning and absence of technical support in implementing e- learning in nursing education. Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate regarding impact of corona pandemic outbreak among nursing educators. Objectives: 1. To assess the challenges regarding impact of corona pandemic on nursing education among nursing educators. 2. To find out the association between challenges of nursing educators with their socio-demographic variables. Material and methods: Data were collected through a Google form consisting of self-structured Likert scale on challenges of nursing educators. Result: of the study revealed that the corona outbreak has adversely impacted nursing education and urgent need to implement effective e-learning teaching learning strategies of nursing educators to understand their challenges to foster teaching. Conclusion: The study findings reveal that the pandemic has influenced the nursing education and all stakeholders and pressurized them to be prepared digitally literate to perform with the current scenario. There is a keen hope to emerge a brand-new education system post-pandemic. Nursing educators must be digitally competent to rescue their job with higher skills. Source of funding: None Conflict of Interest: None Acknowledgment: We are thankful to all participants who responded to our study

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Ankita Singh, M. kumar, M. S. M. B. J. (2021). COVID Pandemic and Connecting Nursing Students with E-Learning: Challenges for Nursing Educators – A Way Forward?. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 347 –. Retrieved from