Dermoscopic Assessment in Cases of Topical Steroid Damaged Face

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Dr. Raavi Ramapure, Dr. Sugat Jawade


BACKGROUND: In recent years, use of topical steroids by common people is on increase. Due to easy availability over the counter and minimal price of the topical steroid drugs, they are applied by the general population for longer duration. Topical steroid damaged face in an acquired state due to long term misuse of topical steroids on face due to various reasons (most common being acne, tinea,skin brightening agent). The most commonly misused topical steroid is betamethasone. Dermoscopy being anon-invasive and minimal time-consuming procedure, is easier to perform and helps in correct diagnosis. It also helps in early diagnosis of TSDFdue to itsand helps in controlling further damage done by use of topical steroids. Hence, the importance of dermoscopy in topical steroid damaged face as a non-invasive as also as in early diagnosis is emphasized.

OBJECTIVES: The objective being to observe the various dermoscopic features of TSDFpatients which helps in differentiating from various other entities.The importance of dermoscopy in early, non-invasive and accurate diagnosis of topical steroid damaged face is another objective. The importance of dermoscopy in being non-invasive and minimal time-consuming technique is another important objective.

METHODS: It is an observational, cross-sectional study.A sample size of 45 patients of suspected/diagnosed cases(18-60yrs) of TSDF would be enrolled at AVBRH, Sawangi Skin outpatient department whose dermoscopic features would be observed. The dermoscopy of such suspected and diagnosed patients will be done with the dermlite 3N dermoscope and the various features will be noted.

RESULTS: The observations will be made according to the objectives and will be tabulated which will be subjected to statistical tests for its significance and conclusions.

CONCLUSIONS: The conclusions will be based on the findings for study of protocol.

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