Security Concerns among Users of Internet Banking in North Eastern Nigeria

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Ms. Shalini Tomar, Ms. Poonam Goyal


The key objectives of this paper is to examine the insights into consumer behaviour on internet banking services and to evaluate certain factors preventing customers in Nigeria from being used internet banking. The steadily growing banking industry and increasing demand for banking services require reliable infrastructure to meet customers' expectations through efficient services. Whereas the security of internet banking is gradually growing in terms of sophistication in order to defend against attacks, the accessibility of the internet banking reduces user safety behaviours. Existing research assesses cyber security threats for internet banking approaches and steps taken. The research paper is implemented that explains how increased complexity reduces online vulnerabilities, yet increases security problems and e-banking vulnerabilities. A methodology is being intended to facilitate the decision of individuals towards security considerations in Nigeria. The study investigated Internet banking levels and extensive study of their security requirements and related problems. The framework comprised of surveying technology, which offered approximately 50 effective questionnaires to a certain selected personnel from 5 distinct banks. A specific argument has been made regarding the latest system vulnerabilities and threats. The next thing is to analyse the effective strategies of security, as well as the effectiveness of counteracting the emergence and consequences of the attacks on Internet banking in Nigeria. We found out from the study and analysis that existing defence, since vulnerabilities continue to be severely exploited by the attackers, were not extremely successful.

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