Role of Serial Estimation of Serum Lactate Levels to Predict the Outcome in Paediatric Shock

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Chundi Sai Samhitha, Dr. Rajendra Borkar


Background: The severity of the disease can be estimated using many variables measured in seriously ill children, to forecast morbidity and mortality, to determine the cost of treatment,andeventuallyto indicate definite care and to track the effectiveness and timing of the treatment. It is doubtful that all of these can be replaced by one indicator, but we will demonstrate in this manuscript that lactate levels will come near. 

Objectives:The significance of raised levels of lactate is understood by considering both the anaerobic activity along with the aerobic processes and the changes that occur in clearance of lactate from the body. Raised lactate levels typically reflect high morbidity and mortality, despite this complex assessment. Furthermore, two multicenter studies recently indicate that clinical outcomes may be improved by using lactate level assessment in goaldirected therapy. In the early resuscitation of seriously ill children, these results certify that controlling lactate level is a valuable parameter. Although tissue hypoxia is strongly connected in our minds, various metabolic processes are followed by the lactate levels that are not associated with tissue hypoxia and are hence subjected to various disorders in different circumstances.

Methodology:Patients will be classified according to the type of shock namely septic shock, cardiac shock, warm shock, obstructive shock and neurogenic shock on the basis of history, examination and investigations. theSerum lactate levels estimation is done routinely while managing cases of shock to guide therapy.

Conclusion: The clinical outcome may be improved by estimating lactate levels in a goal directed therapy. It is confirmed with these findings that monitoring lactate levels is an important parameter in the initial resuscitation of seriously ill children.

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