Role of MDCT in Evaluation of GI Malignancy with Histopathological Correlation

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Dr. Bhavik Unadkat, Dr. Shivali Vaibhav Kashikar


Background:Understanding the CT scan features of gastrointestinal lesion will help us  differentiate it as benign or malignant lesion further with help of CT scan we can find out the extent of lesion and that help us in staging of malignancy and further that can help us understand the pathology of the disease in better way and conditions associated with it thereby plan management.

Objectives: In this study we aim to to evaluate CT scan features of GI malignancy and differentiate benign and malignant lesion, find out the extent of lesion and its precise location and check for distant metastasis, stage GI malignancy (Gastric cancer, Small bowel cancer, Large bowel cancer) on CT scan, Compare Air MDCT with hydro MDCT for stomach and large bowel in T staging of neoplastic lesions.

Methodology: A prospective study will be done at Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital, Sawangi, involving35 patients who present with abdominal complaints and clinical suspicion of GI malignancy(gastric, small bowel and large bowel)after taking properly informed consent and ethical clearance, patient will undergo in depth history recording and CT scan evaluation under respective standard protocol for scanning.

Results: After appropriate statistical analysis, we expect to evaluate role of MDCT in GI malignant lesion and correlate it with histopathology report, proper staging of malignant lesion and the extent of lesion will be studied and distant metastasis will be checked in all malignant lesions.Conclusion: In this prospective study, we expect to find out the role MDCT in staging of malignant lesion, to find the extent of lesion, region involved and distant metastasis sites if there are any and correlate it with histopathological report we also seek to evaluate role of air vs hydro MDCT in T staging of malignant lesion.

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