Serum Lactatevis-A-Vis Anion Gap as Prognostic Markers in Sepsis

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Apurva Dubey, Sourya Acharya, Sunil Kumar


Background: According to SOFA criteria, sepsis is characterised as fatal Malfunction of  an organ caused by a de-regulated reaction of the host to infection. When infection is first suspected, an in-hospital mortality of over ten percent is associated with even a mild degree of organ failure. Sepsis is a condition that would be dangerous to life in lay terms that happensif  such patients, their early diagnosis can alter the prognosis and outcome. Sepsis entails dysfunction of the organ, this indicates that pathology plus an associated inflammatory response alone is more complicated than infection. The concentration of the response team on fatal malfunction of the organ is aligned with the outlook that physiological and biochemical anomalies underlie cell defects within particular Systems for tissues. The word "severe sepsis" appears superfluous in this terminology. Generally, higher stages of Surveillance and involvement are warranted, Inclusive of potential Intensive care admission or facilities of high Dependent unit. In this study serum lactate and anion gap levels estimated in sepsis and they will be tested as to whether they can predict the outcome of sepsis in patients. Justa few studies on this subject have been performedin theIndian setup.

Aim of the study- To study Serum lactate vis-a-vis anion gap as prognostic markers in sepsis in rural tertiary care hospital.

Objectives :

1)To evaluate anion gap values in sepsis syndrome.

2)To measure the serum lactate levels in sepsis syndrome.

3) To correlate the anion gap and serum lactate values with outcome of sepsis    syndrome.{▪︎Severity of sepsis ▪︎septic shock ▪︎septic shock and death▪︎recovery from sepsis}

Material and method-In this prospective observational study,160 patients were enrolled and diagnosed on the basis of SOFA(sequential organ failure assessment).Patient were admitted in ICU under medicine department, Acharya Vinoba Bhave Hospital, Sawangi (Meghe) associated to Datta Meghe institute of Medical sciences, Wardha from November 2020 to April 2022.

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