Design of an Intelligent School Bus Monitoring and Reporting System via IoT

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AJayalakshmi, P. Srujana, P. Ramesh, G. Layasri


Each school should ensure a reliable and safetransport system towardsguarantee the security of its students. This one assists the college organisation in efficiently maintaining their means of transportationconvoy and, as a result, reducing potential disasters. Wherever van tracking is used, this is often the case. The proposed scheme provides accurate data on the vehicle's various constraints, including its location, direction, speed, passenger angle, driver adherence to the list, and much more. The agreement also allows fathers to be notified when their children board the bus or make a forced landing. This device makes use of RFID and GPS technologies, as well as an ESP8266 microcontroller to link them to a remote server via Wi-Fi. These topographical manages of the mode of transportation site are calculated using an Ublox 6M GPS module, which remains still quick. An MFRC522 RFID reader detects every schoolchild by way of they boarding before exiting the bus by interpreting the identification as their RFID tags. The ESP8266 is used by the framework to upload data from peripherals to a network server archive. Parents can access the information through a smartphone application, which helps them keep better track of their children. In addition to calling a driver or a parent, the application may be used by the college administration to ensure schoolchild safety. The software can be used to submit emergency or complaint messages to the administration.

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