Clinical Profile and Outcome of Children with Serum Electrolyte Abnormalities in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

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V. Adithya Kiran, Dr.Richa Chaudhary


Background: In critically ill pediatric patients electrolyte abnormalities are amongst the most common problems increasing morbidity and mortality in these children .They are particularly at risk of developing electrolyte abnormalities due to their critical health status, administration of fluid and electrolytes, various medications and also due to certain interventions like positive pressure ventilation. The timely and appropriate management of various electrolyte abnormalities form a vital part in the management of critically ill patients particularly pediatric age group. This study has been undertaken to find out the prevalence of electrolyte abnormalities in PICU and to determine the association of electrolyte abnormalities with the overall outcome of the critically ill children.

Objectives: To study the Clinical profile and outcome of patients with serum electrolyte abnormalities admitted in PICU.

Methodology: This is a hospital based prospective observational study which will be conducted  in Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital(AVBRH) over a period of 18 months. All the children admitted in PICU during the study period meeting the inclusion criteria will be included in the study . The venous sample obtained  will be sent for electrolyte assessment and other relevant investigations. Patient history, examination,  serum electrolyte values, PICU course, treatment given, final outcome will be documented  in the pre-designed proforma. The data thus obtained will be analyzed at a single point of time.

Results: We expect the overall morbidity and mortality to be more in patients with electrolyte abnormalities as compared with those without electrolyte abnormalities.

Conclusion: Routine monitoring of serum electrolyte levels and looking for abnormal levels in goal directed therapy may improve clinical outcome.

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